July 2021

Welcome to Earth Up Verbals!

My first newsletter feels like a milestone. It might just be my mother in law reading this, but if you're here too, thanks for coming! It will probably morph over time as I find my way in this format, but for now I want to keep it clean and simple with some content that I hope will be interesting, enjoyable and maybe even teach you something new. Also, if there is a particular thing you'd love me to cover, reply here! I am always open to suggestions.
With that, as one of my kids favorite shows says, "Onward and yardward!"

Where I was:

June had me

-Eating this delicious Saag.-calls for spinach but I love using whatever greens and herbs I have available along with it like arugula, moringa, parsley, and even 'weeds' like spanish needle (bidens sp.)!
-Teaching about science through nature to some super cool kids over at Urban Cottage Educational.
-Leading a pretty fun period talk... yeah, that period, to a group of girls and their moms over at The Community Roots Collective
-Talking sustainable death with Heartwood Preserve over on the left hand side of your dial at WMNF 88.5
*Speaking of ecological deathcare and burial... how's this for something amazing?! --->Recompose*

Where I am:

-Recommending daily magnesium and milky oats to all my clients. Need help calming down that nervous system? Magnesium is crucial to nerve signaling and neuromuscular coordination, while milky oats are a nervous system trophorestorative (a nourishing tonic herb with an affinity to a particular body/organ system). A magical combination for.... well... always. This is the Mag I like and use and you can find Milky Oats from your friendly neighborhood herbalist (me!).
-Trying to reverse age myself with mobility and focusing on some primal style movement like MovNat. Did you know that your ability to get up off the floor unassisted is directly linked to your longevity?
-Eating the 6634209786457825092 passion fruit falling from my vine. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, passion fruit is considered cooling, slightly bitter and has a calming and nourishing affect on the heart yin. The stems, leaves and flowers are what we frequently use as western herbal medicine and it serves as a wonderful calming and slightly sedative nervine (acts therapeutically on the nerves) that's especially helpful for those times when cyclical thinking is interfering with your sleep. Do you see a June theme here with the nervous system?

Where I'm going:

In July you'll find me

-Teaching over at Urban Cottage Educational 7/6-8, about Animals/Insects in Flight
-Wearing my fitness drill sergeant hat on 7/21 & 7/29 with iStroll Tampa
-Talking all things sustainable on the Sustainable Living Show every Monday at 11am on WMNF 88.5fm (this month's topics are pretty great: Textile composting, native edibles and medicinals with my very own amazing teacher, and the future of our food with an expert from the USF college of sustainability)
-Buying a school bus to renovate for an adventure!
-Doing wellness consultations and formulations over at Earth Up Herbals.

It doesn’t have to be the blue iris, it could be weeds in a vacant lot, or a few small stones; just pay attention, then patch a few words together and don’t try to make them elaborate, this isn’t a contest but the doorway into thanks, and a silence in which another voice may speak. -Mary Oliver (Praying)
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